About us


Go Deep Tenerife is a team of SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor, SSI Divemaster Instructor and coordinators from Italy and Spain. We are the only SSI dive center in Golf del Sur, filled with friendly locals, peaceful beaches and cafes. Situated half way between Las Americas and Santa Cruz, the dive sites around the island are easily accessible.

Scuba Diving presents exhilarating moments of excitement and passion, and we love diving just as much as anyone, so we are the first to jump in the water with some good company. We are certified SSI Instructors in a range of courses from recreational to professional, leaving you with many options to choose from.

We offer you diving all around the island, with year-round accessibility and incredible visibility with each season.The island is filled with stunning wrecks, marine life and swim-throughs to be explored by those who know where to find them, and we guarantee to leave everyone that dives with us with a diverse and captivating experience both above and below the water. We can also provide you with anything from kit hire, kit purchasing, diving holidays, excursions, accommodation, and dive packages.

Offering the most affordable prices, we have organised our company so we can teach you everything we have learned, that best suits you, allowing you to complete your chosen course at your desired pace. Each course can be taken separately, or if you really feel like making a big change in your life, take a look at our SSI Divemaster Internships.

Our aim is to fulfill the highest standards in dive education, equipment, dive safety, and environmentally friendly actions. With each passing day, try to work a little harder, to become more professional, experienced and knowledgeable to provide you the best quality of teaching in scuba diving.

As divers we have the privilege to admire the wonders of nature close up on a day to day basis.Whilst having fun is a big factor in Scuba diving, sometimes we can forget about environmental considerations. Of course, picking up rubbish on our dives is very important, and we like to emphasise on that.We educate our students and clients about the importance of protecting nature and how to continue it during their stay in Tenerife while organising clean-ups around the island, because we can make a difference.

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